eBook Reader

A best in class reader that provides you with the best ebook reading experience while helping you achieve your learning objectives.

Our ebook reader is ePUB3 compliant, allowing you to use multimedia rich interactive books on your mobile device or desktop and comes with a load of features. Some of the key features are mentioned below:


  • • Search text within the book
  • • Go to any topic using the Table of Contents
  • • Quickly jump to any desired page
  • • Tap to go the next or previous page


  • • Select and highlight text for future reference
  • • Take notes
  • • Add bookmarks
  • • Glossary
  • • Zoom in Zoom out
  • • Night Reading Mode
  • • Adjust font-size with a tap
  • • Choose the desired orientation of the device
  • • Tap to go the next or previous page


  • • Videos
  • • Audios
  • • Interactive exercises
  • • Games and Simulations
  • • Images

You would think all of this is standard and ordinary. But we invite you to try it and find out what’s special. You’ll know once you’ve used it. Contact our team to know more about our eBook reader.

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  • Table Of Contents
  • Multimedia Assets
  • Search Text within the Book
  • Notes & Highlights
  • Glossary
  • Jump to Page