What is epub3?

EPUB3 is the present version of the EPUB standard. The files have an extension .epub. EPUB3 is based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript brings with it not only the ability to use Web fonts, but also interactivity that is not Flash based using CSS3 animations.

Why epub3?

  • • Provides rich array of options for providing Publication metadata
  • • Built on a foundation of HTML5 and CSS3
  • • Media enhancements like text to speech, video, audio
  • • JavaScript based interactivities
  • • Better navigation and linking

How we can help?

At Digitopper, we understand the change that is taking place with regards to how content is being consumed. To help keep pace with this wave of change, our epub services allow educational text books to be converted into enhanced epubs with a fixed layout with rich interactive assets, videos, exercises and other functionalities. Digitopper offers services for conversion of existing titles to epub3 as well as for fresh development. Our dedicated and committed designers work carefully on minute details delivering and maintaining a high standard quality work and stand apart in giving quick and accurate formatting passing the validation tests.

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